Diversity and Companionship in the Garden

Not only do we have a diverse range of vegetables (as well as edible flowering plants), but our gardens foster a beautifully diverse population with gardeners that originate from around the world. Our Prairie pond garden has gardeners from many different countries, and this year we have been working on new ways to help translate between the kaleidoscope of languages used here. Through the use of translator apps, we have been able to bridge the communication gap.

A recent testimony from the garden revealed how the kindness of those in the garden has meant more to one of the gardeners than the produce she receives (but also mentioned that the food is a blessing as well!). She was suffering from feeling lonely and shunned prior to the garden, however now she cherishes the time spent in the garden during the evenings.

A small act of kindness may mean the world to someone else. I challenge you to make the decision to perform one extra act of kindness a day. We can all make a difference in our communities.

Tera Domaradzki