Our Newest Garden


As our followers have known, we have been in prayer and thought for where and how the Lord will lead us in 2019. 

Today we would like to announce we will be moving forward with a new garden in 2019!

The garden will be located on the back property of Community of Grace Church, on North Forest just north of Maple Road, across from the Amherst Bike Path. This area was selected because it not only is situated among many apartment complexes that do not have or frown upon, property vegetable gardens but is a high vehicle and pedestrian traffic area.

In addition, over 25% of the nearby children who attend nearby elementary school participate in the assisted lunch program. We look forward to working with our church partners, Community of Grace Church and Restoration Church, for volunteers to work at this garden site.

We would like to thank all of our donors and foundations who have stepped up to support us with our financial needs. Yet, we are still in need of additional funds to close the gap.

If you haven’t already, please consider joining us with a financial donation, tax deductible.

Robert Zima